Please note that Sculptor Lash & Cash lashes are more curved than other brands. CC curl is similar to D curl of other brands.
For the convenience of technicians each tape in the palette is marked stating length and curl.

The distribution of lengths in the pallete:

7mm- 2 lines, 8mm- 3 lines, 9mm- 6 lines, 10mm- 6 lines, 11mm- 6 lines, 12mm- 4 lines, 13mm- 1 lines


MIX (7-13mm)
Curl: C, CC(D), L, M, XL
Thickness: 0.07;


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Sculptor Lash Extension Palette Dark Chocolate 28 lines 0.07

AED89.95 - AED105.55

28 lines, premium quality eyelashes that allow you to earn more while spending less time!

  • Top quality elastic fiber that allows to form a lash fan using any technique within seconds.
  • Deep black color with no blue undertones.
  • Thin and sharp tips.
  • 2 mm silicone tape line.
  • Foil base ensures the cleanliness of the technician’s working surface.
  • Entire 28 lines of densely filled eyelashes in one palette guarantees more effective material consumption.
  • Eyelash palette’s packaging materials ensure long-term use.
  • Specially designed L, XL and M curls perfectly suit all eye types.