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Noemi Lash Lift Glue Without Glue, 25g


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Absolute world first Made by Noemi_Professional.

Noemi Super Sticky Strong is the latest formula developed by us from the classic “Glue Balm” or Glue without Glue”.
This formula is suitable for everyone and is particularly popular because the eyelashes do not come off the pad so easily.
New formula and stronger, for everyone those who didn’t manage to work with the classic glue balm.

Noemi was the first to develop/invent an eyelash lifting glue, in the form of a balm rich in vitamins and nutrients, which, unlike normal eyelash glues, prevents the eyelashes from drying out and does not dry completely during the treatment.

You know it yourself, one doesn’t stick, the other stinks, the other dries too quickly, etc.
Now here is the solution, our latest invention from the Noemi series:
The revolutionary lashlifting #noemisupersticky is a hybrid glue without glue – but works like a glue to attach the eyelashes to the silicone pad. Because the vitamins and nutrients penetrate the lashes and provide deep moisture, excess “Gluebalm” does not need to be removed. This also results in a faster procedure time and the eyelash lift becomes easier and much faster. It protects the eyelashes from the chemical process and does not allow them to dry out.