Smart Lash Lift Procedure Organizer by MIA PRO LASHES

The Lamitab Pro Palette by MIA PRO LASHES reduces brow and lash lamination procedure time by minimizing manipulations with glue and paint compositions, while simultaneously organizing and simplifying the order of your tools. Every detail of the Pro Palette is carefully crafted with the intent of optimizing the lash artist’s productivity and streamlining their workflow. The Lamitab Pro Palette by MIA PRO LASHES has already gained appreciation by TOP experts in the world of Lash Lifts.


The luxe silicone and cutting-edge soft touch surface provide effortless access to your supplies, while the detailed working algorithm leads you in creating flawless brows and lashes without any mess. The palette also ensures the perfect quantity of solutions for every procedure, preventing excess product waste. It features an easy to clean surface, and will not get deformed due to the super soft silicone. In addition, the palette is designed to be flat and stable, reducing the risk of toppling or spilling during the application process. This MIA Lamitab Organizer provides the utmost comfort, convenience and aesthetic appeal in one package.


The Pro Palette Features:

  • 3 cells for steps 1-2-3
  • Section for water/ veil
  • Section for tint with replaceable tint cells
  • 2 cells for liquid glue and glue balm
  • Tool compartment





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Mia Pro Lashes Lamitab Palette For Lash Lift