How does Lash Botox “Regenerating Booster” work:
Aimed primarily at filling damaged parts of the eyelash – Restorative effect is achieved. Eyelashes immediately look more dense, voluminous and healthy.
Atelocollagen in the formulation of botox makes lashes shinier.
Creates a thin protective layer on them. Regenerating Booster formula is enriched with 5 oils: castor, argan, almond, macadamia and jojoba. They nourish the eyelashes, make them more elastic, stronger and eliminate their fragility.
Also contains aloe juice, betaine, panthenol (vitamin B5), hydrolyzed wheat proteins and hydrate of rice proteins, tocopherol acetate and vitamin A.
Enhances the nutritional effect of botox.
Saturates the hairs with moisture and softens them.
Does not need to be diluted like regular botox, but effect is still bright and noticeable. Enough for 65-80 procedures.
To make the formulation “stay” longer on the lashes and so that it doesn’t wash off, combine the botox procedure with lamination.
To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, carry out a complex of 3-4 procedures (depending on the condition of the customer’s eyelashes) with an interval of 2-3 weeks.




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LB Lash Brow Regenerating Concentrate


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Regenerating Booster formula consists of 75% natural ingredients.
0.2 ml per procedure.
1 tube is enough for 65-80 procedures!