Silicone Lami Pad for Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination by Lamitta

New Lami Pad will fit perfect in your work station.There is a place for all you need,forget about disposable paper towel sheets and bibs. Not only makes your space more organised,but also aestetic.

-Made for high quality silicone,easy to clean,and not tint marks shows up due to black colour.
-Lami Pad contains space for everything you will need for lash and brow lami.
-Designated round slots for solutions/liquid and rests for brushes and smaller tools.

Lamitta Pad Sections:

Step 1
Step 2
Glue holder. After wrapping, can be used for water or Amica Toner Veil well
Glue- classic or glue balm
Step 3
Cotton pads
Small tools
Lamitta Lash Lift Brush Set

Size: L: 20cm x H: 13.5cm x W: 1cm




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Lamitta Silicone Pad For Lash Lift