Finally there is as complete brush set for Lash Lifting.

Lamitta Lash Lift Brush Kit

The Lash Lift Brush Kit includes:
Brush 1: Solution placing
Brush 2: Solution placing / tinting bottom of lashes
Brush 3: Solution removal
Brush 4: Tinting / botox
Laminator Slide: Lash wrapping

Note that brushes are numbered in order of lash lift steps.

How to Clean: Clean with soapy water and rinse with running hot water to clean the brush head from any residuals. Use sanitizing wipes or special disinfectant solutions. It is allowed to use special antiseptic shampoos for brushes. Do not use dry heat. Synthetic Bristles.

Comes with storage bag.




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Lamitta Brushes Kit For Lash Lift


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