A limited edition set of eyebrow brushes developed jointly by the FreiAVIVER brand and Svetlana Vasiltsova.

The set consists of 5 brushes for creating perfect eyebrows.

No. 1 A flat brush is ideal for creating a sketch of eyebrows and cleaning up. Using a brush you can perfectly draw clear lines.

No. 2 An angled brush is suitable for applying paint and creating a sketch. It has a wide pitch, which is very convenient for fast and precise work.

No. 3 The oval brush is ideal for cleaning up the sketch, as well as for applying care products during eyebrow shaping.

No. 4 The dagger brush is suitable for drawing hairs, as well as for applying dye in hard-to-reach places.

No. 5 Oval beveled is another universal brush that is suitable for cleaning up a sketch and applying paint.

The brushes are made of synthetic material that is resistant to artificial and natural dyes used in eyebrow coloring.
Easy to wash and does not frizz.
Suitable for everyday use.
We recommend rinsing your brushes after each use and fixing the bristles in a vertical position.




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FreiAVIVER X Svetlana Vasiltsova Brow Brush Set (5 brushes)


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