The formula, based on orange and coconut oils, nourishes and regenerates the skin whilst also providing soothing and antiseptic properties.
Thanks to the oil, the client is immersed in a relaxing aromatherapy atmosphere.

How to use:
Apply the oil to the skin before waxing.
Remove excess oil from the skin with a paper napkin.

Volume: 100 ml




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BrowXenna® PRE-WAXING OIL 100ml


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Make hair waxing as comfortable and painless as possible with the Brow Xenna pre-waxing oil.
Simply apply the oil on the skin before contact with wax to provide double protection against damage, stickiness, pain, and irritation.
The pre-waxing oil works by eliminating any injury, bruising or damage to the upper layer of the skin during the waxing procedure.

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